Soviet Bloc Survivor Warns Americans that the USA is the USSR in 1989
Written by: Jeff Berwick
Published: March 15, 2016 2:28:14 PM EST

Bulgarian expat Philip Lychkov is finishing a book warning that what happened in Bulgaria – a total collapse of the economy in the late 1980s and early 1990s – is about to happen in the West and even around the world.

In a shocking interview, see video below, I interview Lychkov about his experiences growing up in Bulgaria to get a sense of how bad it can be when things finally do crash completely.

You have to admire Philip Lychkov. He comes across as determined to warn people about what’s going on. His book, Surviving Tough Times, to be finished shortly, isn’t just a description of what’s taking place but an active attempt at sounding the alarm – and providing necessary solutions when they are needed most.

If it were just a question of people getting together in the face of calamitous challenges and working things out, perhaps the upcoming crisis wouldn’t be so bad. But what Lychkov understands, and readers of TDV as well, is that the big problem has to do with the top people actually WANTING the collapse.

I mention this several times in the interview, because I know how hard it is to internalize. When societies fail, it isn’t for some magical reason. It’s because the entire society has been shifted in the direction of failure. Pinocchios like O’Bomber and Hitlery do the dirty work. They are like worms tunneling through rotten wood. Eventually the whole structure collapses.

Rome is a good example of this. High taxation and monetary debasement eventually alienated the citizenry so much that they actually welcomed the invaders that butchered them and burned their cities.

Basically Roman citizens preferred being slaughtered and eaten by “barbarians” to supporting their own ruined civilization.

This is being played out today in US pre-presidential elections with the sudden elevation of Donald Trumpety-Trump – an outsider who seems to stand against almost everything the main political parties stand for.

Trump constitutes a big and even profound rejection of the status quo, though so far the rejection is political rather than overtly violent.

But actually the violence is already starting. Trump was just scheduled to speak in Chicago but canceled due to organized and violent protests. The protests are supposedly being funded by uber-elite bagman and super-cynic George Soros.

Ironically, Trump himself may actually be a false flag. He may just be pretending to want to fix things before revealing by words or actions, or both, that he really has no such intention.

Alternatively, he may be what he seems, in which case his fate is beyond doubt failure, marginalization or assassination. Right now, he certainly is under considerable and escalating attack by the GOP’s smooth-talking criminals. Politicos like Bush, Rubio and Romney who tell endless lies in order to share in the proceeds from the coming collapse.

It is really disgusting. People like them set up the system, including its destabilizing central banks and now these same factions intend to reap the rewards of its failure.

The same sort of thing happened in Bulgaria, according to Lychkov.

In the interview he says the reason things got so bad is because the leadership of the country was paralyzed and didn’t know what to do after 40 years of communism. But he also indicates that the incompetence had been implemented and expanded by others who knew how the system would unravel and took advantage of it.

Unfortunately, when entire societies have been built to fail and generations of children have been educated to believe that such systems are appropriate and natural, change comes hard.

Lychov actually says that people with “real” assets like gold and silver and even real-estate survived the Bulgarian economic crisis. The other group that survived and even prospered was the manipulator class, those people who had actually supported the malicious system and understood the ramifications of its unraveling.

The average person without much savings or any such understanding had a tough time. And by tough time, Lychkov means significant hunger that reduced people to eating one meal a day or worse. Though it is not much written about, many people actually starved during the Great Depression in the US and even Europe and we expect the next collapse to be far worse… like Doug Casey, who is next to be interviewed on TDV, we call it the Greater Depression.

What comes out of this enlightening interview is what TDV has been stressing all along. People have GOT to have assets beyond ludicrous paper currency. In the end game fiat money is worth exactly nothing, though gold, silver and real assets will retain value.

In Bulgaria people thought the government was going to look after them… they were wrong.

If people think governments in the West will help slow down or fix the coming crisis, they are also wrong. The people they are counting on are actually CAUSING the crisis and intend to deepen it.

Fortunately, the internet has come along at the right time – for us, not for them. We’ve been able to get our message out about what’s really going on and through our Shemitah analysis we were able to act on our convictions, present our message and make tons of profit for TDV newsletter subscribers.

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See our interview with Philip Lychkov. I interview lots of people, but this is a special one. I highly recommend it.