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Notes On Leaving The Country
Written by: Lukas Myers
Published: November 7, 2014 12:13:53 PM EST

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[The following post is by TDV Contributor, Lukas Myers]

What I feared in 2007 when I began to awake to the political and social turmoil going on in the United States of America is now coming true, and in a more frightening way than I could have imagined. I remember telling a neighbor, “I think things are going to get really bad” but that was before the 2008 crash, the SAR’s, the bird flu, the ISIS, the Ebola…well pretty much any of those dreamt up crises that are needlessly infecting this country in fear. I knew a little about the 9/11 farce but was unaware of just how deeply ingrained the coup of the country was. I had a fear then. I have a concern now.

The real fear that should be gripping everyone is the blatant lack of respect for the sovereignty of individual human beings. The facet of control that brings everyone to their knees! Even that should be a “healthy” fear of calling one to action. Unhealthy fears just cause reactional fight or flight.

Speaking of fight or flight responses, I have been considering my thoughts lately. These thoughts have been increasingly on leaving this country. Is that a fight or flight response as a result of an unhealthy fear? I don’t believe so and I will do my best to explain why.

Thankfully, I have had a few people with which I feel confident to confide in and seek counsel and while many of them do not seek to leave this country, they can understand the reasons for it. And the more I visit with various people the more I find out, many of them have considered it also. However, for whatever reason, they’ve chosen not to. I can respect that! They have taken a deliberate action to live their life as they choose and see fit.

Reaction in my mind is an autonomic response to an outside stimulus. These stimuli can make a person react without thought and reactional maneuvers are taken during a short period of time with a limited amount of knowledge on the issue at hand. The stimuli can also cause a person to stop on their current path, reassess the situation of their life or circumstances, and take a deliberate action to solve a problem. This is, in my mind, how I am reacting. I see a problem (a process of discovery that started in 2007 and is too long to explain in this post), I have consulted many people I respect and who I believe have a valuable position. Even in areas of “devil’s advocate” and have been brought to a very serious deliberation of moving out of the country.

But you may say, where? Isn’t the United States the safest place on earth?

No…hell no! The USSA is one of the worst places on earth and many call it a 3rd world nation. It has the world’s largest prison population for one and is becoming a formidable police state! It wages a war on plants and puts people in cages for the rest of their life simply for trying to self-medicate, robs you through civil forfeiture, and steals half of your income or more every year through income taxes, property tax, licensing for lemonade stands and any other industry you would like to start! It is a government who provides opportunity for being shot for having a blown tail light, choked to death for nothing, and having your private property stolen and shared for view to the world, you can be molested, you can be murdered, and you can be tortured! When you try to take them to court, they are exonerated of charges and you are still out the court costs. The “Just – Us” system protects their own and you are left providing them with income at your expense.

I would like to go into the issues I have with the Fraudulent Reserve System’s stealth theft of your life through monetary inflation and its enabling effect to wage war in every country in the world, I would like to go into the brainwashing of the Department Indoctrination (witnessed firsthand) and its destruction of independent thought, I would like to go into the Hierarchal system of power controlling the economy so that only those with connection may stand a chance in business, I’d like to get into a lot of these things, but I can’t in one post. Besides, I have discovered through my daily attempts of teaching people of the true nature of the beast, that they are not ready for the truth! If they are ready for the truth, they will seek it and ask for it. You cannot simply tell them “The way of the world” because it upsets their established reality too much to cope with the consequences of it and they choose to say, “Oh it just some conspiracy theorists”!

So, I put links to these statements, if they want the truth, or at least a closer rendition of it, they may seek it by actively engaging.

That said, my thoughts on leaving this country, are not a flight response! They are a specific calculation of risk assessment. This decision, is an informed decision as best as possible for what is best for me and my family and our ability to survive…and thrive. Does that mean I have to be right? No. I could get out of the country and decide I need to come back but I don’t think so.

Too many others have left and reported the heaven on earth they are experiencing and with the knowledge of the history of all governments that have ever been in existence and the knowledge of the path the USSA is currently on, this leaves only one thought in my mind “Why go down with the ship when a life boat is but a jump away?”

Lukas Myers is a multifaceted individual working in the Information Technology industry, he is a Multi-Instrumentalist, a Singer/Songwriter, a Writer, a Pilot, an Anarcho-Capitalist, a Libertarian, and more! He is a truth seeker and lives by the Non-Aggression Principle as best as possible. Lukas has a wife and 3 children and currently live in small town in Missouri. Lukas has recently begun a new website at lukasmyers.com where you may contact him.