About Next!

Next! is a free newsletter service, designed to help us all prepare for turbulent times ahead, with focus on individual liberty, personal responsibility and a free marketplace.

What does the title Next! mean to you, personally? Are you facing transitions like changing jobs or moving into retirement? Are you starting a new business, facing bankruptcy or contemplating a move to another country?

We all move through phases like this in our lives. The healthiest and most effective way of surviving these transitions is accepting the fact that we alone are responsible for ourselves, deciding on a course of action and then moving ahead. Next!

Things aren’t just in turmoil in our personal lives. Ostensibly to ‘protect’ us from hatred and terrorism, we face more and more regulations and restrictions from government. We have far less individual and economic liberty than we did just a few years ago and it’s getting worse every day. We are spied upon, controlled in every way imaginable and then we are heavily taxed to pay for it all.

When last did governments at all levels actually work for us, as the ‘servants’ they claim to be? How long ago – twenty, thirty years ago, or more? Politicians and bureaucrats nowadays treat us as slaves and see themselves as our masters.

We are not slaves. If we are not slaves then we must take responsibility for ourselves and we hope that Next! will help with advice and encouragement and example. Our group of knowledgeable writers will help sort things out, put things into perspective and help decide what is important and what isn't. And they will do so in a lively and entertaining fashion, with lots of personal anecdotes and examples.

We can all learn from each other. We must learn from each other. Let’s get started today!

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Sieg Pedde

Founder, Next!