Biography: Sieg Pedde
I am a Canadian businessman and live in London, Ontario, Canada with my wife and son. I started my first business at age 17 and have been an entrepreneur ever since. My investments range from the courier/messenger industry in Canada to land development in Panama, from desktop software to the internet.

I have long been passionate about individual liberty and in minimizing the role of government in our lives. I was the first elected leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada in 1974 and have been promoting and writing about individual rights and individual responsibility for decades.

I credit my parents for my belief in individual liberty and self-responsibility. By example, they showed me that no matter what they encountered in a relentlessly brutal life, they would deal with it and never play victim. My father and mother both happened to be in Siberia as children, exiled there from German communities in Poland leading up to World War I. My father observed what went on after the Russian Revolution in 1917. Later, back in Poland and then in Germany, he experienced the insanity of Nazism under Adolf Hitler.

My father never quite articulated the message that I gleaned from his stories but it was evident that he understood what I will say here: totalitarianism is totalitarianism. The only difference between the loonies at the extremities of the political spectrum is the rhetoric. The net, practical result of each political/philosophical system to the populace is a complete lack of respect for the individual and the freedom to do what you wish, when you wish, with whom you wish, under circumstances that you alone control.

It became very clear to me that wars and atrocities were not caused by the average citizens who were trying to make ends meet and make the world a better place for themselves and their children. No, the blame should be directed to the political ideologies which subjugate the rights of the individual to the interests of the state.

We were all born to be free. We must stand up for our natural rights to life, liberty and property and ridicule all sorts of manufactured 'rights' that serve to enslave us to others.

When I am not dreaming up new ways to create mischief and to annoy officialdom, I read, write music, play guitar and travel. I also conduct internships every year for motivated students who want to learn about business and who want useful work training to help them prepare for the real world.

While you are browsing our Next! website, click for an orchestral piece I wrote called Nirvana. I hope you enjoy it.
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Written by: Sieg Pedde
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